Friday, December 02, 2005

Photo USS GRAY FF 1054

Heres a great photo that I found on the web site and obtained permission from Pat Stephens the Webmaster to use here on the Gray Blog. I believe according to a Google Image search, Chief Hayes, a USS Gray crew member submitted it to DESA. Does anyone know the particulars of this picture? Like when, where, and who took the photo. Please comment.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Having a Bad Day ?

Thought I might share this with the crew. I found it on an interesting website. The photo was submitted by Ilhan Kermen an Merchant Engineer Officer who resides in Turkey. The vessel dragged her anchors during a storm 2/23/99.

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Thunder at Work

Just got an email from Don "Thunder"Baggett, an industrious and creative crew member who served on the USS Gray as an Operations Specialist from 1975-79. He is staying fairly busy nowadays, quite a change from chasing the Bad Guys up in Operations (02 level?), providing professional artwork for the likes of the popular "Biker" magazine, a sister publication of EasyRiders

For example, check out his full page strip in "Biker" magazine...titled "White-Line-Willie " in next month's issue. I wonder where he gets these characters from? We sure had a few characters on that equator crossing a few years ago visiting King Neptunes Royal Order of the Deep.

Don't forget to add your location on the Frappr!! Google Map before leaving the site.

Podcast introduction

Its been quite a morning just getting home from the graveyard shift at the Texas City Harbor. Checking my email I found that I received 4 responses from Doc Bourke, Keith Packard, Donn (Thunder) Baggett, and Robin/Jim Charlton. Brought back fond memories of the Gray from nearly 30 years ago when stationed in San Diego, Ca.

I want to thank Kent Leach from Green Bank, W. Virginia for providing me with 28 email addresses last week. I've been kind of lazy and didn't add them to my address book until yesterday. That's how I got some reponses yesterday.

Additionally, I don't want to leave out Vic "Hadjii" Cornell residing in Hawaii who responded to my initial email to a Gray crewmember from a link I found on a USS Gray Google search a couple of weeks ago.

The Frappr Google Map has turned into a real success. There is already ten crew members on it. That kind of happened overnight. So be sure to add yourself and any pictures, like Don "Thunder" Baggett and Kenneth Johnson did.

If you have any ideas for a podcast, then let me know. Click the "Listen" link to hear the debut USS Gray podcast. The sound quality isn't the best as I broadcasted it over the internet using Skype to Telcaster Altanta Studio. I ported my landline to my cellphone and the reception in this mobile home is sporadic, that's why I did it over the internet using Skype

I hope to hear from you with any ideas to get the information out to all the lost crewmembers who don't know about the July 2006 reunion in Grapevine, Texas.

Click the listen button button below for the USS Gray podcast.

Monday, November 21, 2005

Frappr-Google Map

Be sure to check out Frappr at the bottom of the page. You just put in your zip code and it places a pin on the google map of where you reside. That way others can get an idea.


OK John

I'm logged in. I don't think you'll get alot of response here, but it sure is worht the effort. See you at the reunion.
Kent (Leeetz)

Sunday, November 20, 2005

USS Gray crew


This is John GMT3 from the 1975-78 crew. I haven't heard from any shipmates in 27 years. I heard there is a reunion coming up in Grapevine, Texas next year. That sounds great! Post your comments on this blog and lets all stay in touch.